230 Barrington Street

Affordable, quality denture care in Christchurch

Welcome to Denture South. Our expert team provides professional and affordable denture services. With our many years of practical experience, we really understand our clients’ varied needs and patient care is our top priority.

Denture South combines the latest technology including digital denture designing with our expert knowledge of traditional construction techniques. We regularly undertake professional development to ensure our knowledge is up to date. This means that we can provide solutions to even the most complex dental issues.

Centrally located on Barrington Street, close to Barrington Mall in Somerfield, Denture South is a convenient choice. We have ample car parking available onsite and are also close to local bus stops making us accessible even to those with reduced mobility.

And so, whether you are a first-time wearer or are replacing an existing set, we can develop the perfect set of dentures for you that will look flattering and fit within your budget. And from the initial consultation right the way through to follow-up care, we will support you every step of the way.

Contact us today for a consultation and discover the difference Denture South can make.