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Our technology

With dental technology it is as much an art as it is a science, we take pride in hand making your dentures right here in our Christchurch-based laboratory.

We have injection-moulding equipment available , and we do use 3D technologies in some of our work.

Emergency service is available for repairs or new dentures.

Partial Dentures

We are happy to assist you with your denture decision, and we make different versions of partial dentures (or plates)

  • Standard acrylic
  • Flexible
  • Metal

Immediate Dentures or First Dentures

Have us design your new smile! Or, if you would like an accurate reproduction of your natural teeth, we can help you with this too. We follow you through this journey and periodically check your progress. You need to closely involve your dentist in this type of denture, and we are happy to work in with your dentist and assist you through the process.

Full Dentures:

Lifestyle Dentures

Great looking teeth, at a great price. Natural looking but a more traditional style of tooth is used. Made locally in our Christchurch laboratory.


Care and more time spent on achieving a specific look, locally made with a lot of the work completed by the clinical technician that sees you through the process. You can expect harder-wearing teeth, injection moulded bases and most importantly excellent follow-up. We are happy to follow photos, or let us assist your selection if you prefer.


Long term durability and great fit are the aims of this system, and we draw on several technologies to ensure a superior outcome. We can advise you on implant options as well as very specific support to your face, and we will follow you up at regular intervals. We can refer you to the relevant dentist or specialist to help you with the implant process.