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Dentures have progressed in the past twenty years and the understanding behind them has resulted in better fits and a more natural appearance.

If you have a set that is getting hard to control in your mouth, or has food entering around the sides it might be time to have them checked.

If you have gaps in your mouth, a partial denture may be the answer. A visit to your dentist will be a great place to start and then Denture South can provide you with either a precise plastic partial that can be easily added to in the future, or a high tech flexible plastic partial which is a lot smaller and comfortable.

Dental implants are also a consideration, and if you choose this option, Denture South can construct a denture with these in mind, and can refer you to the specialist of your choice.

A Professional, Affordable Service

Denture South has operated out of Barrington since 2004, and continues to provide their patients with a professional, affordable service that has the follow-up that you would expect.

Call us on 332 4004 for a complementary consultation appointment with Andrew or if you want information that will help you to make the best decision for your mouth.